Who We Help

Neighborhood Eligibility

Legal Services NYC-Bronx provides free legal help in civil cases to low-income Bronx residents.

Income Eligibility

In order to receive help from Legal Services NYC-Bronx, you must also meet our income eligibility guidelines. Please call our office at (718) 928-3700 before visiting.  You will speak to someone who will determine, after asking a couple of questions and based on the issue you seek help with, whether you are within the maximum eligible income that we can help.

Some people are eligible for help even if their income is over the limits because they have special problems such as high medical bills or debts. We are also sometimes able to take cases for which our funders have set higher eligibility guidelines, such as foreclosure. If you think you are eligible, contact our office.

Even financially eligible people cannot get representation from Legal Services NYC offices in cases which a private attorney would take without a fee in advance, such as car accident or worker’s compensation cases.

If you do not live in the Bronx, see our network for a list of other places to get help.

Unfortunately, while we wish it were not the case, due to lack of resources Legal Services NYC-Bronx cannot guarantee help to every eligible person who seeks assistance. We do our best to take the cases in which we can make the most difference for our clients and for low-income people in the Bronx.